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REMY Group

Our history


Foundation of the company REMY & Co.

On November 1 the formation of the company REMY & Co. Limited partnership was agreed in Hamburg. The first entry into the Hamburg register of companies has been made on November 4th, 1920 under the Nr. HRA 24600.


Extension of proprietor

In the year 1925, Hans Blum and Otto Krüger extended the proprietor circle by joining REMY & Co. as new personally liable partners.


Taking over the company Becker & Franck Nachf.

By taking over the company Becker & Franck Nachf., REMY & Co had a fundament for the market in Latin America. Becker & Franck was founded in 1843 and already had longtime connections to South America


Hermann Remy drops out

In 1936 Hermann Remy dropped out of the company. During World War II, the buildings of REMY & Co in Hamburg were destroyed by bombings.


Reconstruction of the company

The Reconstruction began in Ahrensburg in the private house of Dr. Rudolf Mutz, a partner of the company, where the rebuilding of the company began.


Back to Hamburg

The company moved back to Hamburg.


Kristian Krüger becomes personally liable partner

In 1962 after the demise of Otto Krüger, Kristian Krüger joined the company as personally liable partner and is active until today.

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The representation office of the company is founded in Caracas / Venezuela

In 1978, the representation office in Caracas / Venezuela began to work in order to have a better and closer connection with the local market.


Reorientation after the German reunification

In 1989 REMY &Co had to reorient its business due to the German reunification, which led to an end of the inner German trade. Therefore Remy & Co reached out for new markets and established the Specialty Chemicals as their major focus.


Venezuela-Office becomes a separate enterprise

In 1997 the Venezuelan office became a separate enterprise called REMY & STUTE, C.A., since then the two companies work very close together.


Restructuring of the company

2008 the restructuring of the whole company took place.

We are now:

REMY GmbH & Co. KG
Pappelallee 28 |  22089 Hamburg | Germany